January 28, 2012

A Temporary Change of Pace

It's been nearly two years since I wrote that post on The Gates by John Connolly. Since then a lot has happened (Lily and MLIS classes mostly) and this blog has languished from lack of time and a certain amount of laziness, but now it's time to whip this puppy back into shape (metaphorically speaking of course, I could never sanction real puppy whipping).

I'm taking a class this semester on material selection for children ages 0-4, and one of requirements is that we read a great deal of books for children ages 0-4, which seems like a really great deal to me. Some of our assignments are to be posted to a blog, and so I'm dusting off Foggy Foot for this purpose, but not this purpose alone. I want to keep a record of what I read for this class, and I want to do this for two reasons. 1. Professionally speaking, I hope to work with children's and young adult materials and having notes on what I read will be helpful. 2. The material for this class will either be age appropriate for Lily, or age appropriate for her soon.

And I suppose there's a third reason too. The egotist in me really likes reading my own thoughts. It's interesting to see what I thought of a book, and the angle I approached it with. I love books, so even if this is only a chronicle of what I've read, written haphazardly in the limited time that I have, I want to take up the reviews again for my own gratification. I like being an active reader, a reader who thinks about what's she's reading and fully engages the text, even of the text is a supernatural teen romance. These reviews are a way to keep me from becoming a passive reader, and while there's nothing wrong with reading passively, my brain needs the action, I think. So there we go. The Foggy Foot Review, back in action again.

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